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Staticworx TriboGround for Access Floors

TriboGround Static Control Floor Finish for Access FloorsAn advanced static control floor finishing solution engineered specifically for access flooring. StaticWorx TriboGround is static dissipative and reduces static on any access flooring surface. The finish also provides a high shine to old, dull access flooring panels.

  • Static Dissipative                                                
  • Reduces Static on any access floor surface                       
  • Restores high shine to dull panels                                   
  • For use on HPL, vinyl, VCT & static dissipative surfaces
  • Can be spray buffed or dry burnished
  • High viscosity, prevents seepage
  • Easy to use

TriboGround responds well to spray buffing and dry burnishing to restore the panel’s electrical properties and luster with minimal effort. Its high viscosity prevents seepage between panels.

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