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Static Control Flooring Products

Staticworx ESD vinyl tile flooring

Conductive, anti static and dissipative flooring for any static control application. Maintenance, cleaning, installation.

Comparison of static dissipative carpet with conductive carpet
Are you confused about whether it's recommended to use static dissipative or conductive carpet tile in your application? We have created a simple reference chart showing various grounding standards and which electrical range should be used based on various applications for ESD floors. Click Here to Find Out More.
9-1-1 Magazine
Learn About The Expected Standard of Care When Specifying Conductive and Static Dissipative Flooring: Read Article Here from 9-1-1 Magazine

What is Electro Static Discharge (ESD) ?

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Inc 500/5000Staticworx Flooring Named 14th Fastest Growing manufacturer on the Inc. Magazine 500/5000 List

Demand for smaller and faster electronic gadgets propels static free flooring manufacturer on to Inc.'s Prestigious List of Fast Growth Companies

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Staticworx is a BBJ PacesetterStaticworx Honored as
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Buildings Magazine list of the Top 81 Money Savings building products of 2010. Staticworx EC Rubber Staticworx EC rubber chosen by Magazine as a Top Money-Saving Product.

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Purchasing Anti-static flooring online can be a challenging task. Learn how to protect yourself and make an educated decision for your ESD flooring needs.

Learn about safety problems with ESD carpet: ESD Grade Carpet Tile Can be Too Conductive for Mission Critical Spaces

Staticworx® offers a full line of ESD floor maintenance products and testing products to keep your ESD floor looking great and performing its best.

Maintenance and Cleaning Products

ESD vinyl installation

Properly maintaining your static control floor will keep it looking its best—and is absolutely critical to protecting against an ESD event. Dirt, grease, wax, residue and other debris can create a barrier that inhibits the ESD-control properties of a static control floor.

Our full line of maintenance and cleaning products are ESD-floor compatible and designed to dissipate static charges—dirt and debris no longer compromise the appearance or electrical performance of your ESD floor.

Testing and Monitoring Devices for ESD Floors

We also offer electrical resistance and ohm meters to help you test and monitor your ESD floor.

Looking for Economical ESD Flooring?

For companies that need an ESD floor but cannot afford more expensive alternatives, such as ESD vinyl, ESD rubber or ESD carpet, we offer inexpensive, easy-to-install ESD Epoxy Coatings.

For More Information, See Also...

We offer a full range of ESD carpet, vinyl and rubber tile, as well as broadloom carpet, conductive epoxy, static control wax and paint, and static control floor runners and floor mats. For our complete line of StaticWorx ESD Flooring, click here.

Our History

We’ve solved static problems for Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies across the globe, and are considered the foremost experts on static control. Our articles have appeared in numerous magazines. The Facility Manager’s Guide to ESD Flooring has helped countless ESD engineers and facilities managers choose the right ESD floor.


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